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Welcome!  My name is Joseph Inman, Founder of Linked Profile Management. I excel at monetizing the LinkedIn platform to:

  • Promote and host large events

  • Position individuals as Industry Leaders

  • Grow Connection and Spheres of Influence

  • Generate Social Proof for Branding

  • Connect my clients to my network of relevant partners, talent, customers, and/or investors


I am currently working on my largest organizational exit from a company I joined about a year ago and coached from concept generation to their most recent valuation of $1.8 Billion. I look forward to meeting you and exploring if you are the type of human I invest in and partner with.  If you are, I will utilize my experience in applying the science of human instinct to business ventures and nurture both your personal and business growth.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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